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Charles J. Strong

Charles J. Strong - TimeLine

1865 - Born in Chicago, Illinois.

1879 - At the age of 14, young Charles J. Strong began his Sign Painting Career as an apprentice with the firm of Frank R. Grout Signs of Chicago.

1883 - At the age of 18, and still a young man, Charles J. Strong advanced to the position of General Manager of Grout Signs.   Where he continued on for the next 12 years.

1887 - At the age of 22, while still General Manager at Grout Signs, he marries Miss Ida ???? (maiden name unknown).

1888 - Their first son is born, Lawrence Stewart Strong.

1895 - At the age of 30, Charles J. Strong left the firm of Frank R. Grout Signs to take a position as Head of the Design Dept. at P. Pause & Co. in Chicago.  At the time, P. Pause & Co. was touted as being one of the largest Ornamental Glass Sign Manufactures in the Country.  It was from here that he traveled the country servicing the needs of the firms clientele; during which time he established himself as a top notch sign painter and knowledgeable practitioner in the art of sign making.

1899 - After 4 years of service for P. Pause & Co., he moved to Detroit and established "The Detroit School of Lettering".

1900 - A second son is born, Charles J. Strong, Jr.

1902 - His first daughter is born, Isabella Strong.

1905 - A second daughter is born, Dorothy Strong.

1909 - A third son is born, George C. Strong.

1910 - Publishes 1st Edition of "Strongs Book of Designs"

1915 - Although no proof as of yet exists, it is believed that this is the year of Charles J. Strong's death.

1917 - 2nd Edition of "Strongs Book of Designs" is published.

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