Liquid Gold - Gold Chloride

Liquid Gold - Gold Chloride

Gold Chloride

Learn How to Make Gold Chloride safely indoors and on your bench top.

Read from the many solution gilding formulas and patents included in this manul for solution gilding on glass.

Learn how to recover gold from spent or waste gilding solutions.

Easy to follow instructions for those that use gold chloride in their glass gilding and photographic toning.

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This is a great book!  Don’t just take my word for what others have to say...

“Got the book. It was worth every cent. Great job!”Joakim Mårlöv of Sweden

“I returned last night from working away and found the book had arrived.  I have not had a chance to consume it yet but I have skimmed through it and I'm emailing to congratulate you on a very scholarly document.  I was very impressed by the content and your attention to detail.  It's presentation was great and it was put together in a very easy to read style, direct and to the point.

I'm sure that Dr Schweig would be please to see the continuation of the his work and your broadening of the subject.  From a Brilliant Signs prospective your work will enable me to produce beautiful gold glass signs at an affordable cost, widening the appeal and use of the finest sign substrate.”
Ashley Bishop of the United Kingdom

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