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Samuel Evans

Samuel Evans

1857 - Born on August 4th in Montgomeryshire, Wales. To the parents of Evan “Edward” and Jane (Powell) Evans. Educated in Welsh Schools. After which he apprenticed in the Drapers Trade.

1879 - Age 22, comes to America with a friend. Lives first in New York City, then moves to Washington D C. where he works as a Card Writer for a large Dry Goods Department Store.

1882 - Arrives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he is hired by the firm of Rich and Silber, a Dry Goods Department Store. He is again employed as a Card Writer of exceptional talent. He eventually becomes a manager at the store.

1882 - Marries Elizabeth Jones of Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin.

1883 - Annie Evans is born.

1886 - Wallace Evans is born.

1889 - Daisy Evans is born.

1890 - Partners up with Charles L. Rawson and together they establish the glass decorating firm of "Rawson and Evans".

1893 - Samuel Evans Jr. is born.

1927 - Samuel Evans passes away while at home.

Samuel Evans
Samuel Evans Grave
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