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Charles L. Rawson

Charles Lenord Rawson was born Sept. 24, 1844 in Paris, Maine.

He was the youngest of three sons born to Dr. George B. and Eunice F. Rawson. The oldest son, Alanson Mellen Rawson was born on Sept. 1, 1839. The middle son, George Lyman Rawson was born on Nov. 17, 1842.

His father, Dr. George Burrill Rawson, son of Captain Abner Rawson, studied the medical profession and graduated at the Maine Medical School. In 1838 he married Eunice Fitch Mellen, daughter of Alanson Mellen, Esq., and settled into practice in New Portland, Maine.

Dr. George Rawson’s life was short lived, as he died at the age of 42 in 1857.

After the death of their father, the family members, Alanson, George, Charles, and their mother Eunice Rawson, returned to Paris, Maine. Where they took up residence with Eunice’s brother, Charles T. Mellen and his family.

The widow Eunice Rawson eventually remarried to her 2nd husband Elias Chase, and togther they took up residence in Portland, Maine.

The eldest son, Alanson Rawson married Miss Thorp of N.Y. and together they settled in Boston, Mass.

The middle son, George Rawson, became a Copper by trade and lived in Cuba, Maine. George died on April 2, 1905.

In 1869 Charles Rawson moved to Chicago, Illinois to take up the occupation of bookkeeping (accounting). He was employed by a glass decorating firm of unknown identity. A position he held for many years until 1890, when he entered into partnership with Samuel Evans, to form their own glass sign and decorating firm; Rawson & Evans.

A partnership he held true to until his untimely death on Dec. 16, 1905. Where at the age of 61, he died in his sleep of accidental asphyxiation by gas. A common occurrence of the gas light era.

He is buried in the Chase family plot in the Evergreen Cemetery located in Portland, Maine. Where he now resides beside his mother Eunice Rawson-Chase, brother George Rawson, stepfather Elias Chase, stepbrother Henry Chase, and stepsister Clariman Chase.

In the photo below, Charles Rawson is the man at the top of the stairs wearing the tall top hat, a relic of the civil war era, ala Abraham Lincoln.

Rawson and Evans Factory
Chase Family Plot
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